Bernabeo Stadium

Madrid is a city where every simple bus tour takes at least 1000 tourists every hour.

And when these tourists are being asked what impressed them, 50 % of people refer to the ancient culture and the fabulous architecture, other 30 % are impressed with a great art of Museo del Prado, one of top 10 museums of Madrid and 20 more % are referring to Chueca as the wildest place to party. Nevertheless, there is one activity that strikes every visitor of the city – football. 

Since Madrid is known as one of the biggest football capitals, it has a great number of people who want to see one of the most popular football clubs in the world for real.

Real Madrid- the heart and the soul of the city is not only the brightest but one of the most successful teams in the world. Fans from all over the world are chasing them, so they can get to see royal club in action and there is no better place to do it than at the team’s home stadium – Santiago Bernabeo. 

Santiago Benrabeo stadium is a legendary place that was founded by not less legendary person. Mr. Bernabeo became the president of Real Madrid in 1903. Before that he was a so-called jack-of-all-trades. He was a player and a coach, director and finally he become an honorable president of the club. 

Back in 1903 the richest for now team had no stadium at all. Santiago Bernabeo wanted to make his favorite team legendary and at the end we can see that he managed to do it. He stormed banks and finally he got to build one of the biggest and one of the most visited stadiums in Europe. It took years to make Bernabeo’s dream come true and in 1947 the brand new stadium of 70 000 people was opened. It is interesting that in 40s there were only 25 000 seating seats and other 48 000 were to stand.

The first game that was played at the stadium was Real Madrid and Belenensh, which was surely won by the hosting part (3:0). 

Today, the stadium is proudly named after the most generous and most faithful Spanish footballer – Santiago Bernabeo. Nowadays, it can place over 80 000 people. Each game is accompanied by 3 000 professionals who keep order of the stadium. It even has a museum where one can find the most unusual and the most precious stuff that belonged to footballers. 

There is also a large sport restaurant and a fan shop where one can buy T-shirts, scarfs and balls that were signed by Real team.

Even if there is no play on the stadium one can always take a group excursion. This excursion is a great opportunity for any fan to get to the most sacred places of the stadium like changing rooms and a coach room.

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