Churches in Madrid

Madrid is the city with a huge number of Catholic churches. The majority of them are considered to be important Spanish artworks.   

San Nicolás de los Servitas is the oldest church that survived till the present days. San Pedro el Real is another oldest temple with a high brick tower. 

Another religious artwork in a gothic style is the Bishop Chapel built in the 16th century. It was used as the Vargas family mausoleum even though it was built for housing the remains of Madrid’s patron Saint. Inside the chapel there are the tombs of the Vargas family which are claimed to be masterpieces of Renaissance sculpture. 

The magnificent gothic church located next to El Prado Museum and is called St. Jerome Church. It was constructed in the 15th century and was renovated several years ago. Nowadays it houses the sculptures and the collection of El Prado Museum.  

Prominent St. Isidore Cathedral was built be the Empress Maria’s order. It became a school run by Jesuits. The artwork in the cathedral was unfortunately burned during the times of Spanish war. Between 1885 and 1993 it was the cathedral of Madrid.

Built by Francisco Sabatini, San Francisco el Grande Basilica represents neoclassical style. It is dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. It is believed that he was established in Madrid during his pilgrimage. The dome of the church is 33 meters in diameter being the fifth largest in Christianity. The dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London for example is 30.8 meters. The interior of the church is rich and contains the paintings of Goya.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena is a big temple of 73 meters high and 102 meters long. It was built during the 19th and 20th century and its characteristic feature is a beautiful combination of different styles. It is the only Spanish cathedral dedicated by a pope.

The beautiful interior of St. Anthony church has been recently restored. It features frescos by Francisco Carreno, Luca Giordano and other talented artists. Kings of Germany, Spain, France and other countries are represented on these frescoes. 

Goya’s Sixtine Chapel or as it was originally named Royal Chapel of St. Anthony of La Florida was built by the order of King Charles IV. He also commissioned Goya’s frescoes. It was completed in a half of the year, in 1798. Young women usually come to pray to Saint Anthony to ask for the partner in their lives and every year this place becomes the site of pilgrimage.

For those of you interested in history, religion and architecture Madrid will be an extremely interesting city. The more you learn about it the more it astonishes you. The spirit of this religious artworks is known worldwide, you will be able to feel it yourself as soon as you enter any of the churches in Madrid.

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