Learning Spanish in Madrid

Most people probably do not know the fact that the Spanish language is the second most widely spoken language in the world and that close to 400 million people use it as their first language. Learning the language opens up a whole world of possibilities for the individual, not only socially (as one can start communicating with more people in their language) but economically as well. There are a number of job opportunities that list a good grasp of the Spanish language as a requirement. Or if you are planning to move to a Spanish-speaking country then having this skill already gives you an advantage over the others.

If you are planning to go abroad to learn Spanish, there is no better place to do it than in the capital of Spain, Madrid. The center of government, commerce, culture and social life in the country, Madrid represents everything that is truly Spanish and more. Diverse yet homogeneous, this cosmopolitan city is an excellent environment to learn the language as you immerse yourself in the whole experience of being a Madrileno (as the local inhabitants are called). In Madrid, the appreciation and understanding of the Spanish language becomes deeper as you interact with the warm and friendly locals and soak up on the city’s culture, heritage and traditions. Moreover, the Spanish dialect in Madrid integrates both the Castilian dialects in the north and the Andalusian dialects in the south making it the most understandable Spanish dialect in Spain.

There are hundreds of language schools in Madrid offering to teach foreigners. There are also different courses offered in the schools, packaged and tailored to suit specific needs and objectives: Intensive Courses to help you learn Spanish in a shorter amount of time, Conversation Courses which are meant to practice and improve oral proficiency, Spanish for Business and even Spanish for Teachers. Most of these courses in Madrid offer or guarantee a full experience of the Spanish culture in Madrid. As well, the schools offer assistance in terms of finding housing as well as other resources to help make your stay in Madrid a pleasant one.

To help you decide which school and course is the right one for you, think about your objectives for learning Spanish, the timeframe by which you intend to complete the course and another important consideration is your budget and resources. Spanish courses can cost from €300 - €600 a month. Registration fees as well as other miscellaneous fees are not included in the enrollment fee.  There are schools that would also extend assistance or help you find a job to support your education so keep this as another consideration. Other things to consider would be the type of school facilities that will help you in your Spanish language course and the school’s method of teaching and accreditation. To get more information about the language schools in Madrid, check out the website of Instituto Cervantes (www.cervantes.org). They maintain a database of accredited schools and help you find a course that suits your needs and budget.

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