Madrid Festivals

Every season in Madrid there is an art or a music festival. There is something for everyone to suit all tastes. To make sure you catch one you like a little planning is essential.

All of the festivals, fiestas and events that are going on in Madrid and in cities that can be visited on a day trip from the capital are listed below:

Festival Flamenco Caja Madrid at the Albéniz Theater

The Flamenco festival held each year is known to be a leading festival of its kind. Modern flamenco is a highly technical dance style requiring many years of studying. The emphasis for both male and female performers is on fast footwork performed with absolute precision. In addition, the dancer may have to dance while using props such as castanets, shawls and fans. Nowadays Madrid is the capital of Flamenco. It's the place for grand performances in the city theatres and venues as well as the starting point for young artists. The best dancers and singers participate in it. It´s an unforgettable show one shouldn’t miss.

La Endiablada festival in Almonacid, near Cuenca

Very often described as one of Spain’s wackiest festivals, La Endiablada takes place in Almonacid del Marquesado, a tiny town near Madrid. If you like the idea of men in ridiculous pyjamas and devil masks running around the streets you shouldn’t miss it! In fact La Endiablada is not a festival it’s more like a tradition. It is based on two events in the Catholic calendar: Candlemas (February 2) and the feast day of the town’s patron saint, San Blas (February 3). It is said to date back to the 15th century.

Bullrunning in Cuellar

Bullrunning became famous thanks to San Fermin festival in Pamplona, but it is also held in Ceullar. The difference is that here there are several runs: an easy one and a more difficult, one in the pinewoods, the other in the mountains. The run can take up to an hour and a half. While the men are herding the bulls around the countryside, the people of the town wait impatiently for them to enter the city. To pass the time, they dance the traditional dance and sing a song called "¡A por ellos!" (After them!) which is the hymn of the town. At the end of the festival, on Saturday at 7.00, when the final announcements are given, that’s when the partying really begins.

Toro de la Vega

Each year, the second Tuesday of September, the town of Tordesillas is a host to a cruel fiesta known as “El Toro de la Vega” where the bull is sacrificed in the street. The festival begins with the release of a bull into the countryside surrounding the town, after that dozens of people then pursue the bull on foot and on horseback, stabbing him with spears until he falls exhausted on the ground. The bull’s tail and testicles are then cut off and held aloft as trophies, and the bull is paraded through the town.

San Isidro

Every year on 15 May Madrid celebrates the festival of San Isidro. The legend states that San Isidro was a peasant farm worker who, with his wife Santa María de la Cabeza, became popular due to his generosity donating food to the poor. This is Madrid's biggest fiesta and traditionally starts on the Friday before the 15th and continues for nine days. Spain's biggest bullfighting event takes place at this time. During this time there are also art exhibitions, open-air concerts and firework displays.

Such variety of festivals in Madrid and near it guarantees you a good trip. In fact, Madrid nightlife is so fierce even on a weekly basis, so you’ll definitely have a crazy party there.

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