Madrid Fountains

Madrid is the city of beautiful fountains. Spend the hot days next to the some of most gorgeous ones.

Madrid is a city where each day of your vacation will be like a holiday. But if you are planning to come during the summer time it can get pretty hot, the temperature here rises up to 40 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). Obviously it is too “tropical” to walk that is why you need to know some places that will cool you down and at the time impress you with its beauty- these are Madrid fountains.

The symbol of the city is a gorgeous fountain “Sibelis” one of the famous monuments in Madrid. It was placed in one of the most beautiful squares of the world – “Plaza de Sibelis”. The masterpiece was projected by Ventura Rodriguez in 1777 during the reign of the King Carl III. The fountain shows a story of the goddness Sibelis that rides a carriage yoked by to lions.  According to the myth this lions are Hippomenenes and Atlanta that were charmed as a punishment by Afrodita. This place is surrounded by grand places like: “Palacio de Buenavista”, “Palacio de Linares” and “Palacio de Comunicaciones”. 

Built next to “Sibelis” is the “fountain of Neptun” that can be found on the “Plaza de Conovas del Castillo”. It depicts The God of the Sea, who rides a carriage pulled by sea horses, and surrounded by sea lions and dolphins. It was constructed by the famous sculptor Juan Pascual de Mena. Unfortunately, he hasn’t seen his work till the end because he died before finishing it.

The statue of ”Fallen angel” in Madrid is the only statue of Lucifer  is believed to be the only one in the world. It was inaugurated in the XVIIII century and till recent days it is situated in “Parque Retiro”, one of the greenest top 10 parks of Madrid. The statue depicts the tense and dramatically moment of the fall of the bellowed angel. Espanoles believe that this fountain reminds that pride and vanity can send you to the earth from heaven.

Spanish have a great love to Apolon, the God of art, poetry, knowledge and medicine. The sculpture to Apolon is situated on Paseo del Prado where there also one of 10 top museums in Madrid. This fountain was the winning work of Manuel Alvarez. He received it in 1781. The pose and the perfect proportion made this fountain one of the best examples of the classical art. It is also called the “Four Seasons “fountain because it works almost all the year.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone visit the “Fuentecillas” fountain. The statue is also known as “Four fountains of Prado” or a ”Little Fountains”. The fountains are perfectly located between the Botanical gardens and Museo del Prado which makes it a perfect place between these two attractions. The fountains are divided into two. One pair is situated on the sidewalk of the museum and the other two in the Paseo del Prado’s pedestrian zone. The place is also known for its diverting programs.  San Pedro and San John’s festivals are often followed by the folk singing, dancing and bonfires. These festivals are also held here.

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