Madrid Galleries

Madrid is a capital of Spanish culture. It has numerous historical places that express its people, its life and its music. Madrid is also known for its deep love to art that can be seen almost everywhere in the city. Below is a list of the most popular galleries in the city.

Alcolea Gallery

This gallery is one of the most popular between tourists in Madrid. It specializes on modern and ancient oil paintings. It mostly reflects impressionist style of new and already famous artists. While visiting this gallery you will be shown paintings of XVIII and XX century. Nevertheless, there are some paintings of XVII-XVIII centuries. The gallery has works by Joan Marti, Manuel Blessu, Agilara More, Aisidro Kistara and many more artists. All of these works can be seen throughout the week for free.

Bat Gallery

This gallery will surely amaze any modern art lover. It has numerous figurative, abstract paintings and sculptures. The gallery was formed in 1986 in order to collect and most important present art masterpieces of modern art to the wide audience. Each visitor will be able to see some art works by Picasso, Chilled, Titi Pedrochi, Luis Feito etc. The gallery also has an exhibition of graphics and a store where each can buy some paintings. The entrance is free.

Buadez Gallery

Buadez gallery is situated on one of the main streets of Madrid – Gran Via. The main idea of the gallery is a search of young and talented artists. It has no specific type of art because it doesn’t want to set limits for young painters. Here one will find some photo art works, sculptures, paintings and lots of creative ideas that are yet to be found. Static exhibition includes works by Gonzalo Pacha, Alonso Gilla and MP&MP Rosado. As usual the entrance is free.

Metta Art Gallery

It is a light and cozy gallery that exhibits the latest innovations in modern avant-garde art. It has all types of modern expression like abstraction, surrealism and figurative pop-art like paintings, sculptures, photos and installations. You can see famous artists’ work by Andre Alfado, Eduardo Arrollo, Luis Canelo, Noche Griado. Metta gallery takes an active part in exhibitons in Chicago, Miami and ARCO and FIAC. The entrance is free.

Mara Martin Gallery

One of the most exquisite galleries in Madrid is Mara Martin art gallery. It specializes in art works that are known as “earth in art” – the ones that are connected with nature. More than 90 % of all works are occupied by sculptures and photos from all over the world. It is interesting that more than half of works were done by women, Portuguese and German. 

Oliva Araun Gallery

Photo, video and sculpture – these are 3 main constituents of the exhibition. All art works are mixed with the newest modern technologies like computers, light boxes and projectors. Every composition is accompanied by music. You will find works by young and already famous Spanish artists like Jose Errera, Alicia Martin, and Miguel Rico Brancu. The entrance to this gallery is also free. 

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