Madrid Music

Music in Madrid is so divers. This city may offer you any entertainment you want.

In 1980, after years of dictatorship Madrid’s musical world gained its freedom and turned into the wild, uncontrollable melody. Since that time it became more sophisticated and now is one of the leading European live-music capitals. Jazz is the newest style for Madrid, it joints native Flamenco and Rock’n’Roll.

But if there is no future without past, then its better to start with a classical, most sound place “Teatro Real el Madrid” one of top Madrid theatres. It was opened in1850 and is considered to be the most symbolic place in city. The outside and the inside of the theater are very luxurious. World famous performances are played by the Spanish and foreign troops. Moncerrat Caballe and Placido Domingo are most likely to be seen on the stage during the first nights.

Hundreds of “tablaos” which are also known as flamenco venues are spread throughout the capital. But there is just one “Cardamono”. All the passion and unpredictability of flamenco found its place in this one of dark, smoky bars in Madrid. Fabulous singers and guitar masters perform here mostly every weeknight starting at 10.30. The place is booked ahead by knowledgeable crowd who knows what’s best in Madrid.

In the heart of Huerta there is a central barrio of the capital. This bar is called “Populart”. The best jazz club is very classy and has only necessary things for the audience. The “Populart” is traditional and stylish. Its name is a buzz word for any music lover. The informal atmosphere here is combined with the best performances of the world famous musicians.

“Honky Tonk” is all about rock’n’roll. The oldest and the most famous rock’n’roll bar  in the city is opened till 5-30 in the morning every weekend. “Loud, wild and funny” is the best description for the “Honky Tonk”. If you are willing to drink and dance the whole night through with the finest Madrid rock musicians, this place is for you. It is for all ages but be sure to come before midnight to find a seat or at least a place on the dance floor.

“Café la Palma” is a home to the hottest Spanish bands. Here, the foreigner is not usual; still it’s one of those rare places that will let you feel a real Madrid’s musical life.  Life shows, DJ’s and relaxed locals on the pillows is the best description of the place.

Madrid is just as much famous for its concerts. World top bands of any kind make their way to the heart of Spain where hundreds of thousands of people wait for them on the main Real Madrid stadium. This place can fill 125 000 people and is used not only for football but for main performers. Pop, rap or rock singers are the often guests of the place.

The last most important place to be visited is “Sol y Sombra” the top place for the musical night life of Madrid. Prepare to look very fancy to overcome the bouncer at the door. The club is opened till 5:00 am so you will have plenty of time to enjoy live Jazz, R’n’B and even flamenco. “Sol y Sombra” is the most happening place in the city for its fresh sound and sophisticated look.

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