Madrid Theatres

Madrid has variable schedules of theatrical performances and lots of Opera Houses. Also, many musical shows are performed in the city, the best place to see such is on the Gran Via. This is the most famous theatre; it is situated in the center of Madrid and is called the National Madrid Theater. The theater has an indicative Spanish revival style both on the inside and the outside of the building. National Theater is decorated with luxurious ornate plaster in traditional red and blue colors. It was constructed in 1925 and it can place up to 800 people. World famous “Cats”, “the Phantom of the Opera” are performed here.

The treasure of Madrid’s theatrical world is the oldest theater “Teatro Espanol”( Spanish Theater). It is situated on the “Plaza de Santa Ana” where you can find a lot of cheap madrid hotels. In the XVI century several theatrical open air shows were performed at the same spot. September 21, 1583 is a day when the theater was opened, though it had a different name ”Principe”. In 1849 it was renamed into “Espanol” at till recent days it is an official name of the theater. The building can place 763 theater-goers. Repertoire of the “Espanol Teatro” consists of the most famous classics of the Spanish literature like Federico Garcia Lorca and Pedro Calderon de la Barco. 

One of the most important theaters in Madrid and Spain is “Teatro Real de Madrid” which is translated as a Royal Theater. The theater is situated on the “Plaza de Oriente” in front of the “Royal Palace” and is considered to be one of the most symbolic monuments of the city. Since it was opened not only theatric performances were held here, it was a place for a Parliament meetings, a powder depot and even a caserne. Audience space can place 1854 people. It has 28 lodges and two-stage Royal lodge. The numer of theatrical performances are incising, moreover, it hosts different theaters from abroad. “Cleopatra” by Jules Massenet was firstly shown in “Teatro Real de Madrid” therewith the main part was performed by the world famous Spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballe.

Another great theater of Madrid is “Teatro de la Zarzuela”. This theater also has a unique story. Zarzuela is a theatric genre that is very close to the musical. It includes singing, dancing and dialogs. This genre was named so because of the royal residence Zarzuela, which is situated in the suburbs of Madrid. That place was the first to put a spectacle in the XVII century. This type of art is still very famous in Spain. It is highly appreciated for its lightness, spontaneity and improvisation. “Zarzuela” shows different aspects of life such as legends, traditions, holidays.

Thuswise, theatric world of Madrid – it’s thousands of performances, plays and opening nights that are held with a help of private sponsors or with a help of the government. Theatric art of Madrid takes it roots in the VXII century and till recent days it offers first class performances in theaters, that have grand orogines.

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