Movies Made in Madrid

Historically, major tourist cities like New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles and Tokyo  usually become the film sets. And lots of them inspired us to visit these cities. Madrid is not linked to many high budget movies because probably it leaves massive budgets to the signings of football players by Real Madrid. However, it has an interesting list of films either made in the city or with scenes from the city. 

Goya’s Ghost

The movie is dedicated to the artist’s heritage. It stares Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman. Some scenes were shot in Retiro Park, one of ten top parks of Madrid, Palacio del Infante don Luis in the neighbourhood of Boadilla, streets of Segovia, Salamanca as well as Aranjuez in Madrid.

Abre los Ojos (Open your eyes)

This film was directed by Alejandro Amenábar of  “The Others” and “The Sea Inside” fame. Abre los ojos was adapted to the film that was later blamed for the rupture of Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise´s romance, Vanilla Sky.Penelope Cruz acts in both films. Abre los ojos shows scenes with Gran Via street. Other films which feature Madrid´s 5th Avenue, Gran Via are El día de la Bestia and La flor de mi secreto.

Vantage Point

This film was very popular in the US. It stars Forest Whitaker and Dennis Quaid and it’s about a presidential assassination attempt in Plaza Mayor. There are a lot of cool car-chase scenes in the movie.

Many scenes of one of the all time great movies, Dr Zhivago, were filmed in and around Madrid.There are few scenes filmed in the city center (Plaza de Canalejas and surroundings), in Atocha rail station and in the new airport terminal of Barajas T4. 

Not to be upstaged as a football-crazed city, some films about football were also made here. The next film was more like a public relations audiovisual for Real Madrid and was unsurprisingly called The Real Movie. This is definitely a Real Madrid fan´s movie featuring scenes of fan hysteria like those of a Tokyo based teenager going hysterical for David Beckham, or featuring Zinedine Zidane´s diehard Senegalese fan or a scene from the 1963 kidnapping of the Real Madrid iconic Alfredo Di Stefano.

Goal II: Living the Dream is another football fan´s flick. It is part of a series about this kid from LA who begins playing for Real Madrid, again the movie isn’t great but there are a ton of cameos by star players including Beckham, Sergio Ramos, and two footballers who have currently let themselves go, the Brazilians Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

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