Romantic Madrid

Madrid can be the perfect locations for a romantic getaway. With a warming climate, clear skies, lovely buildings, secluded spots, a Mediterranean ambiance, and lashings of Spanish passion, any couple can turn a break in Madrid into an intimate and romantic time of love. It is easy to see why numerous people head to Madrid for their honeymoon.

Make sure that you set the scene by paying a visit to the Madrid Romance Museum.  Romance by name and romance by nature, one cannot help but feel a bit slushy and lovey-dovey after a visit to this amorous museum.

Those with a head for heights can enjoy a lovely private hot air balloon ride over the city.  Admire the views below and have this incredible experience together. If hot air balloons don’t tickle your fancy, you could also take a helicopter flight over Madrid. You will have the same great views, but will perhaps feel a bit more secure.

There are lovely green spaces to stroll through; hold hands to enhance the romantic atmosphere. Wander through El Retito Park, with a mixture of hidden private spots and public spaces. There are shimmering pools, a heavenly fountain, a cascading waterfall, and a stunning mountain backdrop to admire, as well as interesting and beautiful monuments.  Maybe you would like to take a small rowing boat out onto the water. The Botanical Gardens is another romantic strolling hotspot.    

In the heart of the city you will find the charming, one of top 10 Madrid parks, El Capricho Park. It is a quaint and refined 18th century style garden that is less known than El Ritiro, but no less impressive and romantic. In nicer weather sit on the grass, listen to the tweeting and chirping of the birds singing, listen out for the hums and buzzes of small insects, watch brightly coloured butterflies flitting past, and over all take pleasure in being together in such a wonderful place.

Make the effort to watch either the sunrise or the sunset from the Debod Temple. You wll not be disappointed! A genuine Egyptian temple set in a pretty park, seeing the changing colours of the sky will certainly ignite the flames of passion and love. Whilst you likely will not be the only people there, try and find a slightly more secluded area, away from excessive noise and loud conversation to heighten the experience.

A trip to the ice rink provides a fun way to spend time together. Skate around holding hands, laugh and giggle like teenagers and just let go, relax and glide along on the ice. 
Some of the squares can make for very romantic viewing, when the mood is right. One of the best is the impressive Plaza Mayor. Cute little cafes and Madrid bars are nestled under the arches, and you can enjoy a cozy drink or two together whilst admiring the lovely surroundings and each other.

Dine al fresco by candlelight in a variety of stunning restaurants across the city. Perhaps share some tapas together on a patio or balcony. Listen to soft soothing music and see the lovely views of the city lights at night.

There are many romantic bars in Madrid, where you can have a drink in chic and elegant surroundings. Share a bottle of wine or sip a cocktail together.
If you and your partner like dancing, Madrid has a very lively and mixed night scene to discover. 

A flamenco show is another great way to get your pulse racing. The music, the dancing and the overall electric atmosphere can be pretty exciting. After watching the show, for giggles you could try and recreate the moves in private. You will certainly have a great time together laughing as you do so!

For your romantic getaway, make sure that you select a nice hotel. This need not be overly expensive, but with a great range of intimate small places to stay and luxurious rooms, there is no need to scrimp on your accommodation. Perhaps spend a lazy morning snuggling in bed, or an evening where you go to bed early to enjoy a few drinks. 

Some accommodation options offer spectacular views across the city; it is nice if you can try and stay somewhere that has this, to add to complete that wonderfully perfect feel.
Wherever you decide to eat, drink, sleep and visit, you are sure to find romance around every corner in magnificent Madrid

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