Study in Madrid


“Siglo de Oro” which translates as Golden Age (XVI-XVII centuries) was the age when Spain was the most powerful empire in the world. Less than in 100 years Spanish government built 20 universities all over the country. Numerous institutions became extremely popular for students all over the world.

Spanish universities have gained an excellent reputation in the world and today are believed to be one of the best places to study in Europe. 9 universities out of 10 in Madrid are public which shows that government cares about its educational system.

Madrid is a multinational city that welcomes different nationalities and of course many foreign students. Almost all universities and colleges provide special educational programs, scholarships and exchange programs for madrillenos and foreigners. 

Not counting that you will have a chance to study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you will have an opportunity to save some money on your studies. Higher education in Madrid is rather cheap compering with universities in the Western or even Eastern Europe. The payment for studies varies from 500 Euros to 1500 Euros per year. Moreover, most universities provide scholarships, dormitories, free libraries, books and computer classes. 

Altogether there are more than 20 dominant universities in Madrid; each university is specializing on one subject. 

This way Politechnica de Madrid University specializes on architecture. One department has 4 000 students and 420 professors. The length of apprenticeship is 5 years and the cost is 1 000 Euros.

Carlos III University is not as big, it has 700 students at one department and 46 professors, students get a bachelor degree for studying for 4 years. The payment is 697 Euros a year.

Above all universities in Madrid is the oldest and the most famous – Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Complutense was founded in 1293 which makes it one of the oldest universities in the world. It is situated in a campus which takes the whole district (Ciudad Universitaria) in Madrid. According to the annual polling “El Mundo” Madrid University takes a first place in the list of higher institutions of Spain. It has different schools of philosophy, literature, history, journalism, psychology, sociology and optometry. 

The foundation of the universities goes back to the Middle Ages when father of Christ Alexander VI transfigured collegium into university. Those days it had 5 faculties which specialized in art and philosophy, theology, philology and medicine.

In XVI century it was prospering on Cisneros money. Cisneros attracted many prominent linguists who formed a Multilanguage Bible.

Universidad Comlutense de Madrid played a main role in political development of the country. Its specialists took part in all stages of Spanish history starting with the Enlightment epoch.

Madrid University is the biggest university in Spain. It has more than 80 major subjects, 230 individual degrees and 221 PhD programs. University has 30 libraries that have more than 90 000 historical documents.

Juan Carlos I, Garcia Lorca, Severus Ochoa and Alan Garcia were among the students of Universidad Complutense.

University welcomes foreign students and provides housing for a minimal payment. The total cost for education is 575 Euros; the length of apprenticeship is 5 years.  

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