Top 10 Interesting Facts about Madrid

Check if you know all the facts about Madrid. Here are the most interesting.

It is a common thing to think of some peculiar object when you here the name of the city. For example what associations do you have with such famous city as Paris? 99% of people would say Eiffel Tower? Isn't it? 

And now try to imagine Madrid. The question is what do you think of? For many people it is quite a challenging task, because the city has a great variety of memorable things and it is difficult to name one.

Being the capital of Spain, Madrid is the biggest city in the country and it seems that it never sleeps. The city simply emits energy. The more time you spend in Madrid the more you want to learn about it.  

The Most Interesting Facts About Madrid:

  1. Being the most visited city in Spain it is also the third most populated city in Europe.
  2. Madrid is claimed to be the fourth richest city in Europe with pretty high prices on property. The first three are London, Paris and Moscow. So the amount of property agents are constantly growing.
  3. A lot of famous and very talented people were born here, among them are world famous football players Raul Gonzales and Fernando Torres, singers Enrique Iglesias and Placido Domingo and of course gorgeous Penelope Cruz. The list of famous madrillenos is quite huge.
  4. The well-known dance Flamenco was originated here. There is however a misunderstanding of the word “Flamenco” as many people think this is just a dance, but in fact it is a mixture such art forms as guitar playing, dancing and singing. 
  5. The next thing that has always been associated with Madrid is bullfighting. In Spain it is considered to be a sport and an art at the same time. The most famous bullring is located in Madrid and is called Plaza de Torros de Las Ventas. Some people still thind that bullfighting must be in the list of 10 Top Things to Do in Spain.
  6. Plaza de Torros de las Ventas is sometimes used not only for bullfights but for the concerts as well. Famous Australian band AC/DC performed on this stage.
  7. Each year the festival Toro de La Vega takes place in the streets of Madrid. During it the bull is sacrificed. It is stabbed by spears until he falls on the ground.  
  8. Plaza de Mayor – one of the favorite places for tourists from all over the world once was used as a bullring and a place for public executions. It's a great example of a gorgeous Madrid architecture.
  9. A common fact is that Spain is famous for its vineyards and delicious red wine even though almost all Spanish vineyards have white grapes.
  10. Madrid decided to give its answer to Disney World and now Warner Brothers Movie World is located here. Everyone now has an opportunity to enjoy the rides and feel a kid again.
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