Top Observation Decks

«De Madrid al cielo» is a familiar phrase to lots of Spaniards, which is translated as “From Madrid – To the sky”. In sober fact, for many centuries this city enlarged widthwise solely, as new 4 and 5-stored buildings emerged. Only at the end of the 19th century Spanish architects started to project high-rise buildings that nowadays attract fans of modern architecture. In addition, many of such buildings provide remarkable sky decks that cannot but fascinate with miraculous image of Spanish capital.

The most popular sightseeing point is television tower Moncloa (Faro de Moncloa), which gives a nice view on Plaza de Moncloa. 100 meters high building was constructed in 1992 by the project of Salvador Perez Arroyo; since that time the tower might be observed from any point of Madrid. However, the sightseeing platform is arranged on the height of 92 meters. It takes nearly 20 seconds to get there on the tower elevator.

Regardless conventional impression of old-fashioned Madrid, some hi-tech features contribute to its magnificence. One of them is reflected by Arganzuela Bridge (Puente de Arganzuela), which was built in 2011 by the project of Dominique Perrault. This intricate construction became popular sightseeing spot that opens a marvelous landscape of Arganzuela park, Manzanares River and Toledo Bridge. Arganzuela Bridge is comprised of two winding pieces, divided with sightseeing platform. Especially, it is beautiful at nighttime, when these twisted parts are lighted.

Santa Maria la Real de La Almudena, one of the greatest cathedrals in Madrid, offers nice sky deck below its dome. It is a square terrace, in each corner of which there is a description of every building tourists’ can see from this point. The entry fee is about 6 euros for adults and 4 euros for children. In contrast, free entrance on sightseeing platform is offered on Plaza de Cibeles, but locals often recommend buying a ticket, as there is always a big number of willing visitors.

It is impossible not to mention Madrid Skyline – one of tremendous excursions offered in Spanish capital. If taking the trip, one can see the most of Madrid architecture, picturesque parks and, of course, observe urban life from above. One can only imagine how many capital exquisites could be noticed during 2,5 km path. They include Western Park, Manzanares River, Royal Palace, Moorish gardens of Campo del Moro, The Rosary, San Antonio de la Florida Hermitage, Templo de Debod and many others top attractions in Madrid.

It connects the city with La Casa de Campo, beautiful park zone that was much beloved by royal family in previous decades. The skyline runs 80 cabins, which move with the speed of 3,5 meters per second. The height is about 40 meters. On Rosales station, a starting point of the skyline, there is a nice café with an observation deck as well.

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