Top Restaurants in Madrid

Madrid is the right city to start your gourmet jorney.

If you hear the word “Madrid” your mind brings you to the city of passionate people, gorgeous architecture representing the ancient history, emotional flamenco dance, bullfighting performances that still rise a lot of controversial issues among people and of course delicious and exquisite cuisine that will make you fall head over heels in love with this city forever. 

Wandering around, you quite easily can find a suitable restaurant or cafe where to enjoy Spanish cuisine in Madrid. Every place has friendly atmosphere and  delicious food. Here are the list of top places in Madrid for every taste and budget.

Top Restaurants in Madrid:

  1. La Corral de la Morería
    It is rated as one of the best flamenco restaurant in Madrid. It is a great mix of quality Spanish cuisine with an excellent flamenco décor. 
    It was created in 1957 by Manuel del Rey and today it is known as one of the best and oldest flamenco restaurants. The brilliant restaurant can be found near the Royal Palaca in the heart of the city. The décor is even more beautiful than you could have ever imagined, specially the lamps and furniture from the eighteenth century that are designed in Castilian style.
  2. Café de Chinitas
    This fascinating restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine as well as sparkling flamenco show that you will definitely love. Dinning here will not be just an ordinary time spending. You will be a witness of the exciting performance of such famous artists as Enrique Morente, Serranito and La Chunga.
    A mixture of healthy Mediterranean cuisine and emotional dance makes this restaurant a perfect place to eat tasty and learn Spanish culture at the same time. This particular restaurant can be found in downtown of Madrid.
  3. Botín
    To discover the history of Madrid,  Botín Madrid is definitely the best place to do this. Due to the Guinness Book of records, it is considered the oldest restaurant in Madrid that dates back to old 1725. Today, it is a hotspot for tourist over the world.
    The menu has a lot of Spanish flavors to offer, among which is a roasted suckling pig that melts in your mouth. The atmosphere is friendly and romantic.
    The caste-iron ovens created many centuries ago make the décor wonderful. Dinning here, you may hear serenade of famous Spanish groups.
  4. Restaurant La Barraca
    This wonderful restaurant is placed close to Gran Vila and specializes in paella. The restaurant serves the traditional dishes, including Spanish rice that is definitely wonderful. For veggie lovers, it has the largest options. 
    The history of this restaurant dates back to 1935. Today, it stands out from the others by its tastiest food and wine. On average, the lunch will cost you around 16 euros. 
  5. La Buganvilla
    The fantastic restaurant has much more to offer than just Mediterranean food; you cannot visit La Buganvilla without trying the tastiest rice spicy dishes. 
  6. El Corral de la Pacheca
    It is perhaps the best classic flamenco restaurant where the hottest flamenco shows are performed. It can be found close to Plaza Castilla. It is decorated with ceramic tables and floors. The sparkling flamenco shows can be found daily here.
  7. La Vaca Argentina – Covarrubias
    It is the best Argentinian restaurant that can be found in the Alonzo Martínez area. It offers both international and traditional dishes. La Vaca Argentina Las Rozas is the best place for dinning as it is opened no-stop. 
  8. Cornucopia Madrid
    It is the only restaurant that offers Thanksgiving dinners plus a wide selection of international dishes. 
  9. El Invernadero Madrid
    The restaurant is designed in the 19th century style with amazing terrace.
    It is probably the most popular dinning place for the locals due to the fact that all the time it is very crowded. 

No matter what place you chose to eat in Madrid, you'll be greeted everywhere with kind smiles and home hospitality.

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